Memorial High School
Home of the Mustangs 1952-1974




Up on the side of a hill along U.S. 27, there is a building with a lot of memories inside, more than half a century of memories from thousands of people.  The students who attended Memorial High School still call this building home. Upon entering this building it seems that one can still see Miss Hammons and Mr. Taylor patrolling the hallways. If you listen real closely you can hear the sound of basketballs in the gym, the banging of the lockers doors in the hall way, and the laughter coming the lunch room.

.Memorial High School was our home away from home through our freshman year until we graduated.  During those times we built the foundation for many new friendships. And those bonds of friendship have even grown stronger over the years.
Yes, It is hard to believe that the years have passed so quickly, but we will always remember the good times at good old MHS.  So when you think those days are all gone forever, reach way down in the hollers of your memories for the laughter and joy that we experience at Memorial High School.


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Memorial High School
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