Memorial High School
Home of the Mustangs 1952-1974



Memorial had 6 Head basketball coaches during it existence. (1) Coach Tolbert Sandlin was the first coach, and Coach Ledford was his assistant. Under Coach Sandlin the Mustang won the district tournament in 1952. (2) Next Was Coach E.B.Cunningham, (3) Doyle McGuffey was hired and his assistants were Shannon Hatter and Albert Wall (for one Year 1963-64).. (4.) Coach Monfred Singleton coach part of a season in 1959-60 and Shannon Hatter was his assistant. Coach Singleton became ill during the season and was replaced by Doyle McGuffey.  While Doyle was coach (1956-1965) the Mustangs won the district 2 time and were district Runner Up 4 times. Doyle's replacement was (5) Jim Reynolds , a former player of the first Memorial team and Shannon Hatter was his assistant. (6). Roger Meek replaced Jim was and coach from 1970 to 1974 and Shannon Hatter was also his assistant. During the 4 years that Roger was coach, MHS won the district in 1971 and was Runner up in 1972. During the 23 years period from 1951-1974, MHS was in the district finals 9 times, with 4 championships and 5 runner up titles.





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