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High school is a time when memories are made. People grow close to one another. Graduation happens and people may end up going their separate ways. To get everyone back together for a reunion may be tough due to life in general. When that happens, it always can be a very special time.

The reunion of 2010 was just such a special time.  There were students from each graduating class along with several teachers. Every where you went you could hear some good stories about life at Memorial High. Darrell and Larry Young , both graduates , and their their band and played a lot of good old rock and country music. Plans are to have another school wide reunion on the 3rd weekend of May 2012. The school is scheduled and plans are already underway. So mark your calendars and make plans to be at Memorial in 2012. This reunion for anyone who attended MHS during the 23 years (1952-1974) that it existed as a high school. We have already received a lot of positive responses about the reunion. So keep a watch in the new paper, the radio, and the internet for more information about this big event.


1967 50 Year Reunion
1964 50 Year Reunion
1963 50 Year Reunion
 1967 45 Year Reunion
1967 46 Year Reunion
1958 50 Year Reunion
1959 50 Year Reunion
 1963 45 Year Reunion
 1964 45 Year Reunion 
 1967 35 Year Reunion
1967 40 Year Reunion
1968 40 Year Reunion
 MHS Reunion of 2010
 1961 50 year Reunion
MHS Reunion 2012










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