Memorial High School
Home of the Mustangs 1952-1974

Some Facts about Memorial High School.

Memorial High was established in 1952 and was closed 1974, during that time period Memorial was in the District Finals nine times, with four championships and 5 runner ups.


Memorial High School opened in the fall of 1951 and closed in the spring of 1974.

The school was given the name Memorial in memory of the those that served our country during world War II.

Memorial only had 3 Principals, Lester Mullins, Lawrence Hale, and Jack Blair

The Mustangs had 6 head coaches, Tolbert Sandlin, C. D. Cunningham, Doyle McGuffey, Monfred Singleton, Jim Reynolds, and Roger Meeks.

The Mustangs had 3 assistant coaches, James Ledford, Albert Wall, and Shannon Hatter.

Shannon Hatter was assistant for 3 of the 6 coaches, Doyle McGuffey, Jim Reynolds, and Roger Meek.

Monfred Singleton only coached part of a season.

Agnes Mullins and Mae Belle McKinney are the only two teachers that were there the year the school opened and closed.

Basket Ball

Memorial was in the district finals 9 times winning it 4 times.

Delynn Hutchins is the all time leading scorer ,David New is second and Dwight singleton is third.

Paul Collins has the most points scored in a single game.

Paul Collins is the only Mustangs to played for the University of Kentucky.

Jim Reynolds, who played in 1952 is the only student to returned to coach at Memorial.


There were 13 student that returned to Memorial after graduation to teach:  Jim Reynolds, Betty Jo Dye, Wendell Cornett, Donald Padgett, Darrell Story, Glen Story, Robert Duff, Carol Roberts, Christine Yantz, Chester Cornett, Margie Caudill, Sharon Bell, and Vicki Robertson.  (Lanny Hubbard subitutied there in 1973 & 1974

There were two set of brother that graduated from Memorial and return to teach. Wendell and Chester Cornett, Darrell and Glen Story.
Violet and Sharon Bell are the only mother daughter to teach at Memorial. 

Bob Duff and Lanny Hubbard are the only two students to attend school, teach and serve as principal in  the Memorial building.

Three former students lost there lives in Viet Nam while serving their country.  Larry Reynolds, Baker Hubble, and Gary Young.

Darrell, Larry, Gary Young, and Sue Barnett formed a band during the 1965 school year.

Doug Padgett, Mike Carrier, and Wesley Reed formed a band called the Chevelles in 1967.

Karen Caldwell is a District Judge for Eastern KY.

The class of 1958 took their senior trip to Washington D.C.

The Class of 1959 took their senior trip to Florida..


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Memorial High School
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